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Restpadd Red Bluff PHF

Restpadd Red Bluff PHF is a 16-bed psychiatric heatlh facility located in the history city of Red Bluff, California.

The facility is an inpatiet acute care treatment facility designed as a 2-unit facility that treats both adults 18 and up, and adolescents ages 13 to 18. The design of the facility prevents mingling between adults and adolescents. Each unit is staffed daily with at least two nurses and two mental health technicians.

Anderson MHRC  
The upcoming Anderson Mental Health Rehabilitation Center slated to open within the first quarter of 2018 is designed as a 14-bed facility. The facility is a longer term inpatient 24-hour facility that will assist nonacute mental health patients by providing rehabilitational services that will help them gain the independence and skills they need to reenter their community.